Service & Repair

24-Hour Phone Support 1-888-487-8620

In the field or in-house, Advanced Industrial Devices provides accurate, competent and competitively priced repair capabilities. Our Service Technicians are well-versed in all aspects of AC and DC motor control systems. From across-the-line starters, to reduced voltage soft starts, to variable frequency drives, AID has empowering repair and engineering solutions that can be tailored to your industry.

Field Services

AID’s Field Technicians are available to troubleshoot and diagnose variable frequency drive installations, soft starts, and even older control systems designed using standard relay logic.

Our understanding of circuit design, electrical schematic drawings and the electrical components commonly used in control panels ensures we can service problems relating to wire tracing, relay logic proving and field control device testing as well as design, redesign or reconfigure control systems in the field.

Contact us today for start-up, troubleshooting, diagnostic service and field correctable repairs relating to AC and DC motor speed controls.

In-House Repair

AID is authorized to repair all FUJI variable speed drives; as well as ABB, Mototronics, Yaskawa, and a variety of other brands of motor controls.

Our technicians will do a thorough evaluation of your drive or soft start and let you know if repairs are economically viable or a new replacement unit is warranted.  We have one of the largest inventories of components in the region.

When repairs are completed, all drives are dynamically tested using proper 3-phase voltage. We also supply complete documentation of system problems as well as the corrective repairs made.

Engineering Services

AID’s in-house engineers are well-versed in the various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers, vapor recovery, heat treating ovens and other applications. From the simplest controls to the most complicated system, AID has the staff to deliver empowering control solutions.

Contact us today for control and drive troubleshooting, AC or DC drive programming, PLC I/O troubleshooting or diagnostics or a custom PLC system with programming.