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Driven to innovate

For four decades, AID has enabled electric-driven equipment to operate at peak efficiency with minimal downtime. With our ability to engineer more reliable, easy-to-operate electrification solutions, we help our customers control costs, protect critical assets, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across a range of mission-critical applications.


Optimized performance
Wherever it is Needed

AID provides highly engineered automation and control solutions across a range of different industries and applications. Our broad portfolio of complementary VFDs, controllers and drive support products play a critical role wherever there is a need to drive greater operational efficiency and sustainability.


Facing rising operational costs and the need to maintain production levels, our oil and gas customers depend on AID to help operate more efficiently, more sustainably, and with greater reliability.


Our MobileDuty drive packages support quick and easy setup, seamless operation across regularly changing environments, and maximized uptime regardless of the application.


AID’s drive packages can help achieve new levels of efficiency and reduced energy consumption at your mining sites. By controlling motor speeds, you can adjust the size and consistency of aggregates, as well as efficiently moving materials along the conveyor line.  


Whether it’s potable water, wastewater, or other applications, AID’s drives offer a nearly infinite series of pump curves to match your requirements. Maintain constant pressure and flow rate in the system, by automatically adjusting the motor sped to match changes in demand, resulting in energy savings and reduced operating costs.


AID drive packages protect your motors from harsh agricultural environments and fluctuating power conditions, while also optimizing performance across a variety of applications. Conveyors, grain handling, feeders and large-scale irrigation systems can achieve enhanced levels of durability and efficiency.


By providing lower energy consumption and reduced wear and tear, your HVAC system can perform at peak levels 24/7. And with fault detection and early warning diagnostics, you can reduce maintenance and increase the overall life of your equipment.


AID drive packages provide the versatility and durability required to manage numerous construction applications. Cranes, hoists, elevators, conveyors, and dewatering systems are a few examples of the vital equipment that can be made more efficient and effective.

excellence inside every product

Our portfolio of drive packages, controllers, SCADA solutions, harmonic filters, and numerous other products, are designed and purpose-built by an in-house team of experienced application engineers. And with our streamlined manufacturing process, and premium components, we can ensure high-quality products and on-time delivery.

PM Gas Lift - Card
Drives & Controls

Our drive packages and PLC’s are designed to meet the unique needs of various pump and compressor applications, and manufactured to perform in the world’s most demanding conditions.


The DriveLynx data management solution allows you to remotely manage your assets. And with real-time data monitoring, optimizing site performance is always available.


Harmonic drive compliance becomes more and more critical every day. DriveDefender provides a full range of solutions, from passive filters to active front-end drives.


Unique challenges demand tailored solutions. At AID, we support our customers by understanding the unique requirements of each job site, and providing solutions to meet those needs.

We're in the mission-critical business

The team behind our equipment is just as important as what’s inside. Whether you’re an OEM, direct customer, or end-user, we have service and support teams ready to help you maximize efficiency while minimizing downtime.

On-Demand Assistance Anywhere, ANYTIME

AID’s Advanced Response Command Center (ARCC) represents an extraordinary leap forward for our customers and AID’s commitment to service. With unmatched experience and the latest technology at their fingertips, our team of experts can provide 24/7 assistance to customers anywhere in the world. 

Expertise and training, when you need it

Our customers buy AID products for their durability, reliability, and efficiency. So to make sure you get the most out of it, we provide a full suite of training resources to ensure that your equipment operators and service technicians possess the right skills to operate maintain, monitor and control any equipment driven by our technology.

Helping You Decarbonize

Whether it’s minimizing waste in pump rentals, creating efficiencies in de-watering and vapor recovery, or reducing the carbon footprint of heavy industries, we are helping our customers meet their ESG goals and create a more sustainable future for their business and their customers.


Whether you need remote support from our team of experts, or service in the field, The ARCC is always available.