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AID is your one-stop technical consultant and resource for AC & DC electric motors, low & medium voltage controls, AC & DC adjustable speed drives, transformers, power conditioning equipment and related products. We share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years for the benefit of each of our customers, whether to select a product, design a system, repair a piece of equipment or simply answer a question.



    Reducing Motor Insulation Stress When Using Variable Frequency Drives

    A variable frequency drive (VFD), sometimes known as a variable speed drive, is used to control AC induction motor speed and torque by varying the motor input frequency and voltage.  VFDs improve control, increase efficiency, and extend the motor’s operating life by reducing mechanical and thermal stresses. However, VFDs may also lead to degradation of the coils that produce the magnetic field in the motor’s stator and their insulation. Motors Fail for Many Reasons Motors may fail for many reasons unrelated to the VFD itself. The motor’s stator windings may...

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  • New eBay Store

    Be sure to check out our new eBay store, we have lots of great deals on VFDs, Electric Motors, and more!

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  • Advanced Industrial Devices positions for Permian Basin growth

    Advanced Industrial Devices, a national provider of motors and variable speed drive packages, announced it is strategically expanding to serve the Permian Basin region.

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  • Odessa Warehouse

    Starting March 1st, Advanced Industrial Devices has opened a new regional warehouse in Odessa, Texas. With local stock available, we can now serve you faster than ever!

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