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Our experienced management team provides the leadership and vision that fuels our culture of product excellence and world-class service.

Meet The Team

Russell Claybrook

A compassionate and driven leader with an unwavering focus on delivering innovation and excellence for our customers.  Regardless of the project, or challenges which might be presented, Russell is committed to the success of our customers and the team at AID.  

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan is a proven leader and Navy veteran, who exemplifies strong communication, logistical planning and team building skills.  He is a passionate advocate for the AID team and leads with strength and integrity.  

Gerald (Jerry) Culhane

Jerry is a seasoned executive, with a distinguished history of leadership in financial accounting and operational reporting.  He is results oriented and brings a strong and calming style of leadership to our team.

Gregg Leslie
GM of East Coast Operations

As a proven leader, with more than 25 years in the water utility and rental industries, Gregg understands how to navigate complex situations.  His expertise is a tremendous asset when helping organizations achieve meaningful growth and change.  

Kyle Clavin
VP of Business Development

Kyle is known for his focus on understanding each customer’s business environment and the unique needs of their project.  He constantly strives to be your agent for positive change and economic growth. 

Dwight Evans
VP of Engineering

Dwight brings a relentless focus on truly understanding a situation, before providing solutions.  With a varied list of accomplishments in the rental and water utility industries, his knowledge and problem-solving skills are valuable to both customers and the team at AID.  

Keith Walker
VP of ARCC Services

With a diverse background in engineering, Keith has an unmatched understanding of the design & construction of our drive packages.  This expertise makes him a trusted advisor to our customers and a key leader for our Advanced Response Command Center.

Aaron Bogle
VP of Sales - Oil & Gas

Aaron has a diverse background in the Oil & Gas industries, with an exceptional knowledge of various compression applications.  He currently serves as a board member for both the Gas Processors Association and the Gas Compressor Association.

Ron Sigmon
Sr. Vice President - East Coast

With decades of experience building panels for companies along the East Coast, Ron has unmatched experience when it comes to providing solutions for various Water Utility applications.


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