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AID's fully engineered drive packages have become a must-have technology for commercial HVAC applications. By providing lower energy consumption and reduced wear and tear, your HVAC system can perform at peak levels 24/7. And with fault detection and early warning diagnostics, you can reduce maintenance and increase the overall life of your equipment.

unique situations demand unique solutions

Most HVAC systems are configured to constantly operate for peak load conditions. This one-size-fits-all approach causes pump and fan motors to use high amounts of energy, regardless of how much is actually needed. AID drives match the actual load requirements at your site, by adjusting the speed of fans, pumps, and other equipment, resulting in increase efficiency and reduced downtime.

Reducing motor speed by 25% can lower energy consumption by 60%
Decreasing motor speed by 50% can lower energy consumption by nearly 90%
Achieve Improved ventilation and Improved air quality.


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