Driving Innovation
Across Everything

These concepts are what we focus on every single day, and
they are why AID is leading various industries in their shift to electrification.

From more user-friendly touch-screen controls and advanced SCADA systems to state-of-the art production facilities, we are constantly finding new ways to help our customers improve processes, minimize downtime, and make more data-driven decisions. For over 40 years, innovation has always been a driving force behind our success, and today, that pioneering spirit continues to propel our company forward.

Manufacturing Innovation

We are continually enhancing our advanced manufacturing capabilities by investing in state-of-the art machinery like Komax wire processing equipment, Perforex machine tools, and our automated testing system. Along with a vertically integrated supply chain network, our scalable, agile production facilities let us design, build, and deliver innovative, high-quality products faster and with greater flexibility.

Product Innovation

Proprietary cooling systems. Color-coded camlocks for faster installation. Generator compatible 5% line reactors. Ruggedized cages with shock absorbers. To anticipate the evolving needs of our customers and differentiate ourselves from other VFD manufacturers, we design purpose-built equipment that incorporates new ideas, materials, and technologies.

Service Innovation

To meet the rigorous demands of the industries we serve, we offer a comprehensive control system architecture that includes our 24/7/365 Advanced Response Command Center (ARCC) and DriveLynx, a proprietary data management and analysis solution that delivers a secure and comprehensive overview of equipment performance anytime, anywhere, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Whether you need remote support from our team of experts, or service in the field, The ARCC is always available.