Drive Options

Unique challenges demand tailored solutions. That’s why we support our customers by working to understand the requirements of each job site. And with our robust suite of drive options, we can provide solutions to meet those needs. Providing tailored drive packages is where the expertise and experience of our team truly shines.

High Visibility LEDs

Our high visibility LEDs allow you to see critical alert status from a distance, even when you’re in a high ambient light environment. And with a rugged IP67 design, reliable performance continues year after year.


With a quick and easy interface (input & output), our Camlocks deliver a trouble-free startup and enhanced mobility. Their rugged construction also provides durability across various environments. Other custom connector options are also available.

Power Protection
Circuit (PPC)

Our PPC protects VFD and filtering equipment from poor incoming power, including under voltage, over voltage, phase imbalance, phase loss & phase rotation. And the AID PPC doesn’t simply stop motor function. It removes all power from delicate internal parts, dramatically extending the life of VFD’s, line reactors, harmonic filters, and other components. When conditions return to normal, you can even choose between automatically restoring power, or require a manual reset.

Premium Surge Protection

Premium surge protection provides an additional level of safety and reliability. This includes 2 sets of Metal Oxide Varistors (Phase to Phase and Phase to Ground). Surge arrestors are installed on the load side of the panel breaker and offer effective protection from lightning damage.

PDB Terminal HipBox

This exterior drive package hipbox provides enhanced safety for 460v connections. It also allows you to streamline the circuit by distributing electricity from a single input source across several devices in the circuit. A variety of configuration options are available, including the number of inputs and outputs, as well as the input/output voltages and amperes.

Extreme temperatures package

Our enhanced cold weather package includes UL-rated heaters which are mechanically attached inside the enclosure. The heater thermostat can also be adjusted for environmental conditions. By adjusting for those environmental factors, and running cooling fans only when needed, the maintenance interval for intake air filters can be extended.

Low Voltage Wiring HipBox

Our low voltage wiring hipbox reduces time for both installation and future troubleshooting. Additional speed and security are made possible with color-coded and function-labeled field device terminals, along with screw-style connections. The standard wire routing is always maintained inside the main enclosure, reducing the potential for electrical interference and noise.

Auxiliary VFD Package

Another level of protection is available, with our auxiliary VFD package. These units can address auxiliary system motors, such as coolers, fans, charge pumps, and pre-lube pumps.

steel Stands,
Cages, AND Skids

A variety of mounting choices are available, including steel stands, skids, and cages. Each option delivers enhanced mobility, durability, and quicker installation. Our powder coated structural steel cages deliver the highest level of protection for the entire drive package.

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Whether you need remote support from our team of experts, or service in the field, The ARCC is always available.