Advanced Engineering & Premium Components


PumpMaster drive packages are tailored for each unique application. Advanced engineering, premium components, and unmatched support help our customers maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

PumpMaster Mobile Duty

Our Mobile Duty drive packages support quick and easy setup across regularly changing job sites, while also ensuring rugged and reliable performance regardless of the environment.

PumpMaster hps

AID’s HPS drives control tank levels, intake/discharge pressure and fluid flow, and keep your pump within curve and out of trouble.

ESP Drives
PumpMaster esp

PumpMaster drives deliver the versatility required at countless ESP sites, including everything from shallow submersible water to deep oil pumping applications.

PumpMaster jetpump

With decades of real-world engineering and experience, AID’s JetPump drives are designed and field-tested to manage your Positive Displacement and Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps.

PumpMaster rodlift

PumpMaster RodLift drives help you achieve new levels of efficiency. Managing strokes per minute, pump fillage, and rod position are just the start.

PumpMaster Progressive Cavity

Control tank levels, intake/discharge pressure and fluid flow with the advanced engineering and premium construction are all found inside our Progressive Cavity drives.

Controller Cropped
OptiPump Controllers

We understand that no two jobsites are the same. That’s why OptiPump Controllers are tailored to meet the needs of each unique application.


Our PressureMaster drives have a long history of performing in the most demanding conditions in the world. Our fully engineered drive packages give Gas Lift, VRU, and Wellhead Compression sites the dependability and control you need to increase production and extend equipment life.

Pressuremaster Gas Lift

Manage gas injection, reduce flowing bottom-hole pressure, and increase the inflow of fluids, with AID’s robust Gas Lift drive packages.

Pressuremaster VRU

PressureMaster VRU drives can optimize performance at your gas compression site by collecting and compressing low volume gas streams.

Controller Field Photo 2

OptiPressure Controllers

OptiPressure Controllers are designed and field-tested to meet the critical needs found at your Gas Lift and VRU sites.

Soft Starts

Reduce stress on the motor, improve energy efficiency, and extend the life of your motors with OptiStart Soft Starts.

Auto Starts

AID Auto Start drives deliver both automated starts and shutdown in a compact drive package providing reliable performance and low startup costs.


Whether you need remote support from our team of experts, or service in the field, The ARCC is always available.