At the intersection of
Performance and sustainability

With over 40 years in business, AID has the expertise required to deliver tailored drive packages, for a wide variety of applications. And with cutting-edge diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, you can reduce downtime, improve performance, and increase the life of your equipment – all regardless of your specific industry.


Oil & Gas

AID provides tailored drive packages for every type of pump site and numerous compression applications. ESP, HPS, Jet Pump, Rod Pump, Progressive Cavity, Gas Lift and VRU’s are examples of our expertise and versatility.

Specialty Rental Equipment

Our Mobile Duty drive packages support quick and easy setup and seamless operation across regularly changing environments. And as conditions change, the user-friendly interface allows quick and easy adjustments to ensure your changing job sites are always optimized to perform.

Agriculture & Irrigation

PumpMaster drives can enhance the speed and flow rate of pumps used in irrigation systems. Protect your motor from harsh agricultural environments and deliver precise control of water volume to help optimize usage and create efficient distribution.


Adjust the speed of fans, pumps, and other equipment to adapt to changes in temperature, humidity, and occupancy, resulting in increased efficiency by matching motor speed to the actual load requirements. In larger HVAC systems, you can also achieve load balancing across multiple motors.

MininG & Aggregation

Achieve precise motor control in mining applications where different loads and operating conditions are a constant reality. AID drives reduce mechanical stress on the equipment, while minimize belt slipping or breaking. Various pump applications can also optimize performance, including dewatering, slurry transport, and water supply.

Water Utilities

Motor speeds can be adjusted based on changing water levels, resulting in energy savings, and reduced operating costs. Whether it’s potable water, wastewater, or other applications within a distribution or collections system, AID’s drives offer a nearly infinite series of pump curves to match your requirements.


Control the speed and torque of motors in construction equipment such as cranes, hoists, elevators, and conveyor systems. By managing the acceleration and deceleration of equipment, and operating at lower speeds when demand is lower, you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce energy consumption.


Whether you need remote support from our team of experts, or service in the field, The ARCC is always available.