Pump Master OptiPump Pump-Jack POC

Cost reduction and optimizing production have always been major concerns when working with stripper wells utilizing beam pumps. How does optimum performance, optimal control and optimized fillage sound to you?

OptiPump is an intuitive, easy-to-use, menu-driven color touchscreen controller. Utilizing robust, proprietary algorithms to monitor pump-off conditions; OptiPump’s parameters in conjunction with a variable speed drive’s parameters and proximity switch allow the electric motor to speed up or slowdown in regard to strokes-per-minute. As OptiPump reachs pump-off condition, it slows down rather than stopping the pump. OptiPump ensures
targeted fillage levels are reached and maintained.


  • Access to Real-Time Information
  • Built-In Step-Down Capabilities
  • Optimize Speed Control by Automatically Decreasing or Increasing SPM Based on Pump Fillage
  • Programmable Restart Function
  • Automatic Restart After Power Loss, Fault or Shutdown Conditions
  • Data Portability via SD Card and Export of Excel Formatted .csv Files
  • Capable of Recording 640,000 Torque Cards with SD card