The AID PressureMaster™ is a full function gas compressor controller with both analog inputs and analog outputs that allow full PID control of your suction pressure or discharge pressure with detailed system information annunciation. 


All limit inputs can be configured to customer specific operation; normally open or normally closed, and 4-20ma pressure transducer for the suction, discharge, and oil pressures. On screen control of all the system functions graphics displayed on a 5.7” color touch screen. The screen is C1D2 Groups A, B, C, and D approved and complete Class 1 Division 2 panel packages can be put together for skid mount.


  • Horsepower range from 1 to 900HP for constant torque Suitable for 50°C ambient conditions, no de-rating
  • Input voltage options: 208 to 480 volt, 50 and 60hz
  • Impressive overload capacity: Up to 150%/60 seconds or 200%/3 seconds for more productivity
  • NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure for greater protection
  • Main circuit breaker included
  • 3% Line reactor for less harmonic distortion
  • Lightning/surge arrestor for greater protection
  • Keypad operator on door for safe, secure control
  • Thermostat controlled cooling system with filtered fans for reliable operation
  • Free-standing enclosure for 150HP and up
  • Lockable instrument cover with VFD Keypad, 3-Position (Hand, Off, & Auto) switch, and speed potentiometer.
  • Terminal block ready connections for remote control in “Auto”
  • In-house service technicians provide expert troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair


* Available for digital and analog inputs

  • Multiple system timers for digital input reaction time
  • System reaction to each individual limit input
  • Enable or Disable a limit input
  • Adjustment for the separator liquid level control to use one, two, or three liquid level floats
  • PID setup for compressor speed control
  • Control of a suction pressure inlet control valve if needed
  • Designated control and monitoring analog/digital inputs, specific to your compressor application
  • AID Engineering support for customization





Harmonic drive compliance becomes more critical every day. At AID, we focus on a full range of solutions from passive filters to active front-end drive — all to ensure that you continue running reliably, efficiently and in compliance of IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2. We manufacture every type of low-harmonics drive, using the latest technology available. Everything we do is tailored to your needs. In general, the most comprehensive solution for harmonics is an Active Front End VFD. This technology is electronically based, not magnetically based. It meets the IEEE519 under every scenario and all loading conditions, regardless of voltage imbalance or source impedance. It is so advanced, it can actually correct for low-voltage conditions from marginal systems and correct power factor within the electrical system, saving you money.

  • Harmonic Filters
  • MTE Line and Load Reactors
  • Sine Wave Filters
  • SSI Surge Suppression