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Stock PumpMaster™ Variable Frequency Drives

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Control your entire operation with precision and ease with the PumpMaster™ VFD system.

PumpMaster™ Variable Frequency Drive systems give you the ability to control operational speeds of driven equipment all from one panel without the use of dangerous, power-wasting resistors. The PumpMaster™ VFD system is easily programmable and requires a one-time setup that allows you to get your operation up and running in no time.

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• Pumps,
• Compressors
• Fans
• Blowers
• Artificial lift
• Salt water disposal
• Water transfer
• Irrigation

• Horsepower range from 1/2 to 900HP for constant torque
• Suitable for 50°C ambient conditions, no de-rating
• Input voltage options: 208 to 480 volt, 50 and 60hz
• Impressive overload capacity: 150%/60 seconds or 200%/3 seconds for more productivity
• NEMA 3R enclosure for greater protection
• Main circuit breaker included, 18kAIC
• 3% line reactor for less harmonic distortion
• Lightning/surge arrestor for greater protection
• Keypad operator on door for safe, secure control
• Panel cooling with filtered fans for reliable operation
• Free-standing enclosure for 150HP and up

• PLC-based controls via keypad or touch screen for application-specific equipment
• Sensorless pump-off controller
• Main breaker at 25kAIC or 65kAIC for safer operation
• Power monitoring
• 4″, 6″ or 12″ touch screen for more control and convenience
• Mounting stands, 125HP and smaller for more stability on tough jobsites
• UL 508A certification to meet stringent industry standards
Power protection circuit includes isolation contactor for improved protection of components
• Modem for seamless operation
• 316L stainless steel enclosure for more durability
• Status indicator on front door for immediate intel
• Harmonic filter to meet safety standards
• Motor protection filter (load reactor, DV/DT, sinewave) to increase motor life
• Load cell-based pump-off controller for improved performance standards
• SCADA communication for easier system management
• Meltric plug/receptacle connections
• NEMA 4 air-conditioned enclosure
• Hazardous location purged system

P1M01043BAAK0N0 1013.116.5273016
P1M01543BAAK0N0 1518.323273016
P1M02043BAAK0N0 202430.5273016
P1M02543BAAK0N0 252937393516
P1M03043BAAK0N0 303645393516
P1M04043BAAK0N0 404860393516
P1M05043BAAK0N0 506075514122
P1M06043BAAK0N0 607391514122
P1M07543BAAK0N0 7589112514122
P1M10043BAAK0N0 100120150634122
P1M12543BAAK0N0 125140176634122


Fuji Mega VFD, Circuit Breaker Operator, 3% Line Reactor, Surge Protective Device, Keypad Interface. For information on 900HP and 1,000HP units, please call AID.

Call 1-800-364-0458 for more details.