The first line of protection for power

Protect your electrical and electronic equipment from power surges that happen every day with surge protection devices from AID.

Our top-of-the-line surge protection devices are built to be the first line of defense from everything from lightning strikes to transients that can lead to downtime and costly repairs. Our experienced engineers are available to help you find the proper device for your application so you’re ready for anything.

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• Highly effective protection from lightning damage
• Clamps voltage in excess of 550 volts for less stress on your system over time
• High short circuit rating (200kAIC) for longer lightning arrestor life
• Two sets of MOVs: Phase to phase and phase to ground
• 15-year warranty
• AID offers helpful technical support every day
• AID is staffed with experienced engineers who are available for consultation on your system
• AID personnel are available through all phases of ownership, from initial consultation, product selection, commissioning and the life of the installed product