Welded Gussets on 254 Frame and Larger

TorqueMaster™ Slide Bases Easy Install and Maintenance


Make your motor installation and maintenance easier with the addition of a slide base with welded gussets on 254 frame and larger.

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• 82T to 449T frame

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Used for any application where motors need to be adjusted to tension the belts driving equipment.

• Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
• Welded Gussets on 254 Frame and Larger for Added Rigidity
• Double Adjusting Screws on All Frame Sizes
• Oven-Baked Primer for Better Paint Adhesion
• Welded into Position “D” Bolts Prevent Spinning and Dropping from Slots
• Fixed Foot Pattern Allows Easier Motor Installation
• Standard Sizes Allow Exact Replacement
• Equipped with Washers

TM182B2Slide Base 182 Frame
TM184B2Slide Base 184 Frame
TM213B2Slide Base 213 Frame
Slide Base 215 Frame
TM254B2Slide Base 254 Frame
TM256B2Slide Base 256 Frame
TM284B2Slide Base 284 Frame
TM286B2Slide Base 286 Frame
TM324B2Slide Base 324 Frame
TM326B2Slide Base 326 Frame
TM364B2Slide Base 364 Frame
TM365B2Slide Base 365 Frame
TM404B2Slide Base 404 Frame
TM405B2Slide Base 405 Frame
TM444B2Slide Base 444 Frame
TM445B2Slide Base 445 Frame
TM447B2Slide Base 447 Frame
TM449B2Slide Base 449 Frame