Improve the reliability of your rod pump artificial lift application

OptiPump™ RL Rod Lift Variable Frequency Drives

AID offers a full line of artificial lift products, including our OptiPump™RP VFD and TorqueMaster™ NEMA D oil well pump motor.

The OptiPump™RP can help optimize your rod pump application by monitoring, communicating and controlling better than standard pump panels.

Let us help you optimize the control and improve the reliability of your rod pump artificial lift application.

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All rod lift artificial lifting applications

Horsepower range from 3 to 150HP
• Suitable for 50°C ambient conditions, no de-rating
• Input voltage options: 208 to 480 volt, 50 and 60hz
• Impressive overload capacity: 150%/60 seconds or 200%/3 seconds for more productivity
• NEMA 3R enclosure for greater protection
• Main circuit breaker included, 18kAIC
• 3% line reactor for less harmonic distortion
• Lightning/surge arrestor for greater protection
• Keypad operator on door for safe, secure control
• Panel cooling with filtered fans for reliable operation

• Touch screen interfaces
• Power monitoring
• UL508 certification
• Panel stands
• Sine wave filters
• Harmonic mitigation
• NEMA 4 air conditioned panels