Improve production and reduce energy cost

OptiPressure™ Vapor Recovery Variable Frequency Drives

The AID OptiPressure™ vapor recovery unit (VRU) VFD solution can help customers improve their production and reduce energy costs by capturing more vapor at all peak intervals.

The OptiPressure™ solution is available in two interface types: a two line LCD or a 5.7″ touch screen.

No matter which solution you chose you can rest assured that OptiPressure™ system will help optimize the control and speed of your compressor so you can improve the entire process.

The AID OptiPressure™ solution is also available to work on many other compressor applications where precise control and speed are required.

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• Vapor Recovery Units
• Gas compression
• 3-500 HP

• Horsepower range from 3 to 900HP
• Suitable for 50°C ambient conditions, no de-rating
• Input voltage options: 208 to 480 volt, 50 and 60hz
• Impressive overload capacity: 150%/60 seconds or 200%/3 seconds for more productivity
• NEMA 3R enclosure for greater protection
• Main circuit breaker included, 18kAIC
• 3% line reactor for less harmonic distortion
• Lightning/surge arrestor for greater protection
• Keypad operator on door for safe, secure control
• Panel cooling with filtered fans for reliable operation
• Free-standing enclosure for 150HP and up

• Touch screen interfaces
• Power Monitoring
• UL508 certification
• Panel stands
• Sine wave filters
• Harmonic mitigation
• NEMA 4 air conditioned panels