Submersible Pumps

The solution for all your pump and compressor needs.

Pump Master VFD Systems are among the most widely-used ESP controllers in the oil industry. They can be found in every major oil field in the U.S.

Total control at the touch of a button. In its simplest oilfield configuration, Pump Master VFD Systems provide operators with the ability to precisely control operational speeds of pump jacks or other equipment without the use of dangerous, power-wasting resistors. Far easier to program than competitive products, Pump Master requires a simple, one-time setup that takes just minutes to perform.

The Pump Master VFD system, paired with an OptiPump ESP controller delivers the features necessary to get the most of your pump like adaptive underload and overload protection, Gas Lock DetectionGas Lock Avoidance, and the WellMetrics analysis mode.

Adaptive Underload and Overload automatically can automatically adjust your specified full-speed values to compensate for your pump’s curve when it is running at less than full speed.

Gas Lock Detection can automatically change your pump’s speed when a Gas Lock condition is detected.

Gas Lock Avoidance can automatically change your pump’s speed before Gas Lock occurs by detecting the presence of gas in your pump using feedback from the VFD.

The WellMetrics analysis mode provides a comprehensive solution to trending your pump’s data and quickly allows you to figure out what is going on downhole.  WellMetrics shows your pump’s speed, voltage, current, and gas probability overlaid on a single graph and allows you to scroll through months worth of data to see exactly what your Pump and Well are doing.

Scalability and flexibility are the hallmarks of the OptiPump ESP. Custom application programming can be preloaded for rapid development, and VFD programming has never been easier with the menu-driven setup that walks you through the process.



  • 1/2 – 1000 HP
  • 230 – 480V
  • Near Perfect Power Factor
  • Soft Starting and Stopping
  • Built-In Phase Conversion
  • Precise Speed control
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Elimination of Power Factor Penalities
  • Reduced Electrical Demand Charges
  • Greater Fluid Production
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Full SCADA Capability