Pump Master MP3P-1A

Finally, a lead-lag and alternation controller that does what you want!

The Pump Master MP3P-1A can run up to 3 pumps using a dynamic, alternating lead-lag control algorithm, that is capable of monitoring the health of all the pumps in real-time. The health information is then used to allow the system to intelligently make decisions on what action to take next.

Unlike other 2 or 3 pump alternating lead-lag controllers on the market that can only use float switches or level sensors, the Pump Master MP3P-1A can use them both!

This controller can be built into a VFD or Soft-Starter package, or used with across-the-line starters and pump panels.

An optional Ethernet Card is available that adds ModbusTCP connectivity for remote monitoring.


  • Automatically Take Failed or Unavailable Pumps Out of the Rotation
  • Sensor Status for Liquid Leak, Motor Overheat, Motor Overload and VFD/RVSS Readiness


  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial Water Management
  • Food and Beverage Production