Pump Master CF16A

Looking for all the bells and whistles in a single compressor controller? The Pump Master CF16A is a full-featured controller designed to operate single or multi-stage reciprocating compressors, vapor recovery units and blowers.

The Pump Master CF16A can be used with across-the-line starters or variable frequency drives (VFDs).


  • 12.1″ Color Touchscreen
  • Low and High Suction Pressure and Temperature
  • Low and High Pressure and Temperature (Up to 4 Stages)
  • Low Oil Pressure and Level
  • Compressor Motor Aux Switch
  • Oil Cooler Motor Aux Switch
  • Excessive Compressor Vibration
  • High Scrubber Level
  • Support for Scrubber Liquid Dump, Bypass and Inlet Control Valves
  • And Much More!