Multi-Drive™ represents the latest in state-of-the-art design for variable speed DC motor controls. It is rugged and compact is size and is able to handle both 115 and 230V AC line inputs by setting the built-in Dual Voltage Switch. In addition, the single model can be used on a wide range of motors by selecting and inserting the appropriate Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®.

The standard model, KBMD-240D, controls all motors through 3⁄4 Hp at 115V and 11⁄2 Hp at 230V. By installing the KB Auxiliary Heatsink, the horsepower range is increased to 1 Hp at 115V and 2 Hp at 230V. The versatility of the control is enhanced with the optional Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch Kit.

The electronics for the Multi-Drive™ consists of KB’s patented KBMM™ speed control module. Its field-proven reliability is confirmed by over 100,000 controls presently in operation. The KBMM™ module is housed in a rugged metal (not plastic, like other inexpensive drives) enclosure. Keyhole slots facilitate mounting while a readily accessible terminal block simplifies wiring.