Advanced Industrial Devices is one of the Premier Fuji Distributors in North America. We are proud of this honor and pleased to offer you this amazing, empowering control solution.

The MEGA series AC drive is a full performance sensor-less Vector control drive from Fuji Electric, providing solutions from ½ HP to 1000 HP. Packed with optimized features, keypad control and a simple intuitive start up, MEGA is ideal for virtually all industrial and commercial AC drive applications.

All-purpose MEGA drives utilize Fuji’s own IGBT technology, proving a compact, but powerful multi-rated specification solution for virtually all AC drive requirements in both variable torque and constant torque applications. Simple and intuitive-free software allows for an easy start up and operations for all levels of users, while providing a top-notch performance up to a 200% peak torque capability, or 120% variable torque flexibility. Advanced features include, built-in customizable logic functions, an EN594 safety input, and corrosion protection for harsh environment usage.

Fuji’s AC drives offer the industry-leading MTBF (mean time between failure) in the market backed by a 3-year standard warranty, and they have the reputation as being the consumer preference – with over 10 million drives sold in the world.