OptiPressure CM5A


Our most popular compressor controller!

The OptiPressure CM5A is a full-featured compressor controller built on a small footprint. Total compressor package management is brought together in a single 5.7″ color touchscreen, and is rated for Class 1 Division 2, Groups A-D.

Suction and discharge pressures are managed using a combination of analog I/O – with built-in PID setpoint capability. Annunciation, operational limits, relay status and detailed system information are clearly displayed on an easy-to-read color touchscreen.  The OptiPressure CM5A also fully automates operation of your scrubber tank’s dump valve and condensate pump, in addition to a bypass or recycle valve.

As with the other Pump Master compressor controllers, the OptiPressure CM5A can be used with either a Variable Speed Drive (VFD), Reduced Voltage Soft Starts,  or an across-the-line starter.


Low and High Suction Pressure and Temperature

  • Low and High Suction Pressure and Temperature
  • Low and High Discharge Pressure and Temperature
  • Low Oil Pressure and Level
  • Compressor Motor Automation
  • Oil Cooler Motor Automation
  • Condensate Pump Automation
  • Excessive Compressor Vibration
  • Support for up to 3 scrubber level sensors
  • Support for Scrubber Liquid Dump Valve, Bypass Valve and Suction Control Valves
  • Detailed history for last 100 faults
  • Full History and Trend data provided in Excel format
  • SCADA Capability
  • Cellular SMS Capability
  • And Much More!


  • Gas Compression
  • Vapor Recovery Unit
  • Wellhead Compression