For more than three decades AID has been supplying motors and VFD systems to the oilfield. Our most recent innovation is the Torque Master XD, Xtreme inverter Duty motor. Designed specifically for horizontal surface pumping systems, the Torque Master XD will provide the reliability and longevity you expect. Torque Master XD motors go above and beyond the typical low voltage motor design and construction.



  • TEFC enclosure, IP55 degree of protection
  • Exclusive Xtreme inverter Duty insulation system
    • Form wound coils with multiple layers of insulation
    • Class F VPI Epoxy resin
    • Each coil is surge test ed at 4000 volts before assembly and after VPI treatment
    • 3600 volt inverter spike resistance
  • UL certified for Class I, Division II, Groups A, B, C, D, T3 Temperature code
  • Six (6) 100 ohm winding RTDs and Two (2)100 ohm bearing RTDs
  • 120 volt space heaters
  • Insulated opposite drive end bearing supplied as standard
  • Precision balance, 0 second, precise foot flatness .002” planarity Standard Fea