Efficient water management practices can help maintain profitability in an era of increasingly limited and more costly water supplies. The AID engineering team has designed a game-changer for the water systems market – HydroMASTER™.



  • Horsepower range from 1 to 900HP for constant torque Suitable for 50°C ambient conditions, no de-rating
  • Input voltage options: 208 to 480 volt, 50 and 60hz
  • Impressive overload capacity: Up to 150%/60 seconds or 200%/3 seconds for more productivity
  • NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure for greater protection
  • Main circuit breaker included
  • 3% Line reactor for less harmonic distortion
  • Lightning/surge arrestor for greater protection
  • Keypad operator on door for safe, secure control
  • Thermostat controlled cooling system with filtered fans for reliable operation
  • Free-standing enclosure for 150HP and up
  • Lockable instrument cover with VFD Keypad, 3-Position (Hand, Off, & Auto) switch, and speed potentiometer.
  • Terminal block ready connections for remote control in “Auto”
  • In-house service technicians provide expert troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair
A VFD keypad is also included with every HydroMaster™ Irrigation package so field adjustments can be made easily.



  • Ease-of-operation and programming
  • Innovative, engineered cooling system
  • Single to three phase power conversion
  • Can maximize pump life
  • Can lower daily operating costs
  • Modular design for scalability


Additional/Optional Features:

  • Simple-to-program, easy-to-use color touchscreen with graphical interface
  • SCADA connectivity
  • Customized screens with your company logo


The HydroMaster™ Irrigation package is modular by design. Adding additional components such as: lightning arrestors, voltage monitors, line or load reactors is easy. Mounting holes have been tapped and drilled in predetermined locations to make field modifications a breeze. The aforementioned components can be factory-installed for you or they can be added at a later time.

All of the VFDs in the HydroMaster™ Irrigation package can be used for phase conversion so you can run 3 phase motors any-where you have appropriate voltage; even if it is single phase. The core of the HydroMaster™ Irrigation package is the variable speed drive which has both volts per Hz control and sensor-less torque vector for those hard to start loads. All drives are constant torque rated to operate the most stubborn operations and changeable to raise the horsepower output when a variable torque load is needed.


As an option, a simple-to program and easy-to-use 3.5” color touchscreen controller is available for all packages. Adding the controller gives fully annunciated shutdowns, full overload and underload control using pump Affinity Laws. The controller mounts on the cabinet door under a metal cover for superior protection. Ease of access makes program changes easy and convenient (password protected to prohibit unauthorized setting changes).

The 3.5” touchscreen gives full control over your VFD’s I/O for remote shutdown/alarm switches with user definable names, fully settable start up timers, operational delay timers and reset delay timers. The controller comes standard with an extra RS485/232 Modbus RTU port so, with the addition of a modem, you can have your system text your service people when the unit shuts down or faults.

For even greater control and peace of mind, you can add our fully operational remote monitoring hardware which will allow you to see your equipment in real time and have the ability to make remote settings, start/stop commands and alarm resets from any Internet capable device. The remote monitoring system can even let you know if you have lost power at a site because it automatically monitors your system’s health. If communication or power is lost, it can email and text you without the hassle of a battery backup system being needed.