AID: A Rich History of Serving Our Customers

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Upon occasion, the greatest successes emerge from the humblest beginnings.

From Grassroots Beginnings to Widespread Prominence

Advanced Industrial Devices’ (AID USA) legacy of excellence, dedication and innovation was created in 1983, when the three founders began supplying used industrial equipment to Tulsa-area residents from a single room shop. Since its inception, the company has expanded to three principal locations – two in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City – spanning over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

With locations in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Odessa, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, and Florida, AID’s aim is to support and sustain the oil patch, including the Permian Basin and Western Texas irrigation markets, the STACK and SCOOP oil regions of Oklahoma and beyond. Further, while the majority of the company’s industrial control and drive business comes from the south-central United States’ oilfield and aggregate industries, AID products are sold throughout the continental U.S. under the brand name of PumpMaster™.

AID USA Lends Unmatched Expertise to Electrical Manufacturing

AID prides itself on its customer-centric mindset. When Tulsa customers demanded electric motor controls back in 1990, AID responded. Today, the company continues to fulfill customer demands but with a much broader portfolio of services and products.

A one-stop technical consultant and resource in the manufacturing of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors, AID prioritizes the customer in every phase and aspect of its development process. With over 100 years of combined product and application knowledge, AID has a comprehensive understanding of how everything works together, providing the unparalleled capability to consult with customer engineering, purchasing, and field experts to ensure optimized equipment usage.

A Constantly-Evolving Philosophy Rooted In Client Relationships

Throughout its 36-year history, AID has established itself as a leader in controls, motors and electrical solutions. Significant recent investments in the business, combined with a strategic shift from distributed to engineered solutions, have positioned the company for significant future growth.

With efficiency and customer satisfaction at the company’s core, AID is thriving, and the recently-established Oklahoma City training facility is planting the seeds for long-term success.

In Oil and Manufacturing, It All Starts At the Top

CEO Russell Claybrook, who joined AID USA in 2015, understands the simplification needed to adapt in an ever-changing field.

“AID has positioned ourselves as a leading provider of customer and standard PLC/HMI solutions in the oilfield and industrial market,” he said. “Our solutions include service and aftermarket support, and we strive to develop products that simplify the operations of end users. This has marked a pivotal change for our culture and customer service.”

Claybrook also emphasized the customer as the basis of all AID USA operations, and the key to prolonged survival.

“We are customer-focused in everything we do, from design, to sales, to manufacturing, to delivery…all the way to installation.” He further remarked, “We are obsessed about making the customer experience a priority and having long lasting relationships based on performance, response and quality.”

A Look Back at AID USA’s Expansion

AID is founded by three employees, with an initial focus on motor and equipment sales to the local Tulsa market

AID begins drive package manufacturing and opens UL508 panel shop

Opens 3,500 sq. ft. Oklahoma City location, enabling the company to service Western Oklahoma

Doubles engineered product facility to 30,000 sq. ft.

Russell Claybrook joins as CEO 2018: Opens new Oklahoma City warehouse and Tulsa motor warehouse, increasing capacity by 300%

Expands from 3,500 sq. ft. Oklahoma City location into new 8,000 sq. ft. Oklahoma City warehouse and training center

Opens new Odessa warehouse, increasing capacity by 300%

Launches new soft start controllers, H pump motor line and an expanded line of engineered products

As AID continues to grow and change, their core principles remain the same. With a brand promise to deliver practical, efficient, ingenious and empowering solutions to ensure customer success, as well as an abiding obsession for 100% customer satisfaction, AID’s goal is to forge lifelong customer relationships through superior expertise, service and support.

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