About Us

Innovators by nature, AID has an unrivaled knowledge of motors and drive packages compared to anyone else in the market.

We have been in business for more than 35 years and bring over 100 years of product and application knowledge that’s resulted in a comprehensive understanding how everything works together – from soup to nuts. As a result, we have the ability to consult with your engineering, purchasing and field experts on the best use of your equipment

“At AID, we are focused on our customers’ needs with a team who understands their applications, getting them the right solutions quickly and committing to reduce downtime. Our goal is ensure our products, no matter how complex their application, are simple to operate.”
-Russell Claybrook, CEO

“We don’t just sell you a product. We have the industry knowledge and internal resources to make sure you are using the right equipment for the job! We want you to see value in our products, and we work hard to increase the life expectancy of the equipment, maximize the performance and help you see the return on your investment. Our sales team is both a consultant and a provider of solutions. We pride ourselves on answering your technical questions and giving you the best solution based on your application requirements.”
-Jerry Clavin, VP of Sales

“AID’s Engineering department has a unique and diverse background in applications, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of how your drive systems and applications can work better. We can consult with your engineers, purchasing or field experts to ensure our engineered products are right for your application through hardware, software and programming.”
-Keith Walker, VP of Engineering